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Has Mummy Lost Her Silly?


My Bollocksy Boring now reigns over where My Silly once ruled. All sober and sensible and practical and bollock-sy boring.

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The Emergency Poo Procedures


An outside wee is fine, but not a poo. I refuse to juggle a Livvy turdzilla. I kept dropping it last time and I ended up treading Liv-poo in the lounge.

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Ten Days of a (Not) Cleaning Mother


DAY EIGHT: That is it. I need to clean. The house is minging. We are all miserable. Even the fridge seems to have a resting bitch face.

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I reckon that if two heads are better than one, surely I must be superhuman? Because I’ve got shit-loads of them.

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Sleep, Imperfect Sleep


It’s 3.47 in the bastard morning and I’m being woken up because of a bloody bunny that doesn’t exist.

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Part Four: Dad’s Coming Home. Ish.


Mum keeps shouting at us today; me, Jimmy and Becki. Not Jayne, though. She’s being alright with her. But that’s only because Jayne’s a goody-goody-loser and doing everything mum tells her. All day. She’s been going on and on and on and on and on. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. We can’t do anything right. Whenever we make a […]

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The Interview


My fellow blogger, brilliant Morna from http://awesomeausterity.com has nominated me to do The Blogging Interview. I am absolutely thrilled to bits to have been nominated.

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Because you are my baby


Just because I’ve had one baby, I’ve not had the you baby.

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Part Three: Carrot, Diddy Dick and Frank the Plank


We’ve made up nick-names for the men that work with dad at the job. Just silly names, really, like Diddy Dick, Frank the Plank, Carrot… Actually, no, not Carrot. We didn’t make his name up. Carrot is his proper nick-name. Everyone calls Carrot Carrot. His dad is called Carrot, too, which just seems a bit […]

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Alright, Teeth?


I can’t say I’m pleased to hear that you’re coming again, Teeth. And I see you’re bringing all of your drama with you as per usual.

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